17th June 2018

Flexible UK family holidays: The charms of the car

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Caravans have become an increasingly popular way to take UK family holidays in the last few years.  As exchange rates and other factors have made the cost of taking a break abroad prohibitive in recent years, a reassessment of what is on offer at home has been a revelation for many.  Taking UK family holidays in the caravan parks run by operators like Park Resorts can allow an exploration of some of the most beautiful scenery in the U.K, and indeed Europe.  What’s more, there are plenty of opportunities for the whole family to have fun getting active together.

A caravan can allow you to experience the adventure of camping without giving up the creature comforts of home.  Those with small children in particular will be aware of the practical difficulties that can arise with issues like basic hygiene, in the absence of on-hand running water.  Mobile caravans can be taken pretty much anywhere that you would select as a site for traditional camping, with water tanks providing limited facilities.  Static caravans on the other hand often provide a home from home, with electricity, running water, and increasingly, internet access available on site.

U.K. family holidays in a caravan are often the best way to gain access to the top walking and biking terrain in the country.  There are many world class mountain biking trails throughout the U.K, and especially in Scotland.  The established nature of many of these sites, with runs graded by difficulty, means that it is possible to find a suitable trail for riders of all abilities. 

Horse riding and pony trekking are also great ways to see the countryside, and again many of the most picturesque places to explore in this fashion are served by a nearby caravan park.  The same applies for the more adrenalin seeking holiday maker, with quad biking and off road driving providing a way to both get close to nature and test your mettle!

Caravan Parks can be a great place for kids to meet new friends, and many feature well organised and supervised play areas.  This can allow the adults in the group a little more time for relaxation, which you may well need after sampling some of the activities mentioned above!  

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