20th June 2018

Captain Cook's Haven - Yorkshire

Posted in Our Park Visits

captain cook's havenWe stopped off at Captain Cook's Haven for a look around on a quiet Tuesday morning. The first thing we noticed was the fantastic elevated position and the tranquil feel of the site. The cottages are attractive and modern and many have outside space such as a terrace or small balcony where guests can enjoy the views. The communal areas appeared to be very well maintained and there is a lovely BBQ area close to the kid's play ground. 

Other onsite facilities include an attractive indoor swimming pool and a reception area where the friendly staff can offer information about the local area. The cottages themselves are located half at top level and half at lower level. The top level in particular has amazing views. There are 44 cottages in total. Captain Cook's Haven is a member of the Yorkshire Tourist Board and caters to the family market but we felt it would also be ideal for couples looking for a romantic break.

Based on our visit to Captain Cook's Haven - Spetember 2009

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