17th June 2018

Fun things to do in London

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London is a bustling, vibrant, metropolitan city with no shortage of things to see or do. Here are some suggestions for interesting days out in London. If you’re planning a visit to London, you can find lots of great deals on rooms in London Hotels at millenniumhotels.co.uk.

Go shopping at Borough Market

The thriving Borough Market, located near London Bridge, is one of the best food markets you will find anywhere in the world. Here, you can try all sorts of local and exotic delicacies, from Bratwurst and burritos to organic vegetables and foie gras. The one common factor between all the food stalls here is that the quality is exceptionally good, making it a dream day out for the culinary adventurer.

Soar above the Thames in the London Eye

The London Eye is a giant ferris wheel, with large enclosed glass cabins, that is located on the South bank of the famous River Thames. During peak tourist season, the queues are always massive, with good reason – the panoramic views at the top of the wheel are simply breathtaking. You can even get married on it, with a ceremony that is timed so that the bride and groom say ‘I Do’ when the cabin reaches the highest point on the wheel.
Hear beautiful music in St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral is a massive, architecturally stunning building with visual delights at every turn. The cavernous acoustics of this giant building are the real star of the show here, however, and how better to hear them than at a recital of classical music? They frequently hold choral performances and organ recitals here, and host several musical services on a Sunday. Guests are welcome at all of the services on Sunday, which include a choral evensong and an organ recital, and are under no obligation to participate in the service, although they are encouraged to be quiet throughout.
Listen to the voice of the people at Speaker’s Corner

Speaker’s Corner is a corner of Hyde Park where anyone can go up and give a speech, with several speakers at the same time competing for the attention of the milling but occasionally attentive crowd. Usually, there will be a few religious zealots and a couple of left wing rabble-rousers, and while you may or may not agree with what they all have to say, you cannot fail to be entertained by the whole spectacle.


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